• Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope LSM 780 (Carl Zeiss Jena)
  • Microscope HERMES WISCAN (IDEA Bio-Medical)
  • Fluorescence microscopes, AxioScope. A1, Axiocam MRm, Observer.Z1, AxioCam MRC (Carl Zeiss)
  • Light microscope Axiovert 40 C mit AxioCam ICc 1(Carl Zeiss)
  • Light microscope Axiovert 25, mit AxioCam ICc 1 (Carl Zeiss)
  • Flow cytometer FACSCalibur  (BD Biosciences)
  • Flow cytometer ACCURI C6  (BD Biosciences)
  • Laminar box, incubator for cell culture
  • Gel electrophoresis-chamber for blotting
  • Real-Time PCR System ABI 7500 (Applied Biosystems)
  • PCR Workstation (2x) (NUNC)
  • Thermo cycler (Bio-Rad und von Biozym)
  • Spectral photometer Genesys 10 Bio for mRNA/DNA-Quantification (Thermoelektron)
  • Reader rosys anthos 2010 (Anthos)
  • Cellcounter CASY Model DT Vers. 2.2 D (Schärfe Systeme)
  • NucleoCounter NC-3000 (Chemometec)
  • BioPlex 200 System (BioRad)
  • ChemiDoc MP: Western Blot, Densitometry (Bio-Rad)
  • Plasma Jet kINPen 09 (INP)
  • STREX Cell Stretching System; Anlage ST-140 (b-bridge)
  • IonOptix Culture Dish Electrode System (IonOptix Limited)
  • xCELLigence System (OLS)
  • Zeta potential analyzer SurPass (Anton Paar) (via Dept. LLM)
  • CellWatcher S (PHIOme base + add-ons motility) 2x (PHIO scientific GmbH)

Cell lines:

  • Osteoblasts: MG-63, SAOS-2, U-2 OS, primary human OB
  • Fibroblasts: L-929
  • Gingiva/Skin: HGF-1, HaCaT
  • Epithelial cells: MCF-7, MCF-12, BT-20 (breast), mHepR1 (liver), HUC-1 (urothel), HLE-B3 (eye), A431, A375 (skin)
  • Endothelial cells: human dermal microvascular endothelial cells (HDMEC)
  • Stem cells: human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (adMSC)


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